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About Mpire Realty Group
Decades of experience & skill.

Mpire Realty Group, from its very inception, was strategically organized to become a premiere real estate asset management firm and service provider.  With its head offices in Toronto, Canada, Mpire Realty Group was founded on the amalgamation of established, successful firms that were the best in their respective industries.  Top executives were brought in to lead Mpire’s growth by capitalizing on the synergies of these firms and to immediately position Mpire Realty Group as a leader in the creation of wealth founded on investment in real estate.

The broad range of real estate expertise and services within the organization are facilitated through it's primary affiliates/associations:

Mpire Capital Corporation - Loans and Financing Services.

Mpire Real Estate Appraisers & Consultants Ltd. - Real Estate Appraisal & Valuation Advisory Services.

Royal Oak Realty Inc. - Real Estate Brokerage Services.

Mpire Developments - Building Construction & Development Services.

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