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MPIRE Real Estate Appraisers & Consultants Limited is an amalgamation of several established appraisal firms founded as early as the mid 1980s.  The firm's personnel provides valuation advice to many of Ontario’s most active participants in the real estate industry; and has grown to service not only the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario, but also clients across Canada and in the United States.  Mpire Real Estate Appraisers & Consultants unyieldingly provides a high standard of service in an increasingly competitive environment.  Their commitment to accurate analysis and maintenance of these highest standards, combined with an extensive network of professionals and associations to confirm and correctly interpret transactional data have been a large part of the firm’s success.

Mpire’s accredited personnel ( 6 – AACI’s and 1 – CRA); along with its candidate and support staff; are highly qualified professionals who have undertaken a rigorous program of professional studies and examination, coupled with years of recorded experience. Moreover, the Appraisal Institute Of Canada supports the principles of lifelong learning through a mandatory continuing professional development program and requires completion of professional practice seminars for all of it’s members on a regular basis. Accordingly, Mpire Appraisers have the most up-to-date education and skills to offer our clients.

Our Appraisal Services include:

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