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Commercial & Industrial
Appraisal Services.

Mpire Real Estate Appraisers and Consultants Limited provides tactical solutions and advice at every stage of a property’s life-cycle.

Today, with a staff of ten professionals, Mpire Real Estate Appraisers & Consultants provides unparalleled appraisal counseling and advisory services in all segments of real estate. The firm has two divisions: Residential and Commercial. Each division is staffed with competent individuals whose professional experience, educational background and skills provide a multi-disciplinary approach to an unlimited range of real estate scenarios. The synergies created by the firm's size allow us to complete assignments within a reasonable time frame, while maintaining a very high standard (second to none in the industry) recognized by leading financial institutions. 

The most common reasons for real estate valuations include mortage financing, construction loans, estate freeze, capital gains and other Canada Revenue Agency disputes; litigation uses including partnership and matrimonial disputes, expropriation, receivership, bankrupsy and other potential litigation proceedings.

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