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Appraisal Services.

Many government entities at the various levels have the right to unilaterally initiate the taking of your real property when it is required for the completion of a government related project.  This governmental power is know as the process of Expropriation.  However, the process of Expropriation also accepts the property owner's right to full compensation when their property is taken.

Accordingly, you will want an objective valuation of your property to ensure that you are fully compensated appropriately.  So an appraisal is required.  However, appropriate compensation can often involve more than simply calculating the value of the land and the land improvements (i.e. buildings, landscaping & other site improvements).  If your property is used for business, you may also need to consider your relocation costs, loss of profits and affected profit margins (known as "injurious affection") as part of your compensation settlement.

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