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Construction Services
The team to build your dream.

MPIRE Realty Group Ltd provides building construction and development services through its decades-long association with high quality, reliable construction associates.  Mpire can function as a general contractor, construction manager or a project management resource for any of it's clients.  Through it's affiliations, Mpire has completed projects in Canada and the United States and has worked on projects in the Caribbean, Europe and South America.

Mpire's Associates have also provided construction and risk management services in the capacity of Advisory Construction Specialists to banks, investment firms, other corporations and individuals for troubled or challenged construction or development projects.  The primary goal for these services is to eliminate or mitigate losses.  Personnel have been involved in problem solving functions regarding construction scheduling, cost estimating and damage quantification, as well as, implementing productivity and construction management practices both on an advisory role and as construction manager to complete the project.

Through its Associates, Mpire enjoys direct input from, and access to, an extensive array of construction expertise provided by professional engineers, architects, cost and environmental consultants, construction law specialists, project managers, project estimators, scheduling specialists and other technical specialists.

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